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Role: Social logistics and community mediation

Updated on 02.08.22 - Deadline to apply: 31.08.22


Since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, nearly 60,000 Ukrainian war refugees have arrived on Belgian territory. About 60% of them do not have a sustainable housing solution and are currently living in private homes or in transit centers.In close collaboration with the Samu Social and the Citizen Platform, Communa is working on the opening of places that can offer housing solutions for people who have fled the war in Ukraine and who have not found a housing solution on our territory.The purpose of these collective accommodation places is to ensure a warm welcome and to allow the accompaniment of people in their integration here in Belgium. The philosophy that will guide the on-site work is that of self-management by the inhabitants of their living space. The social work necessary for the individual follow-up of the people living there will be done mainly by external partners (CPAS, neighborhood associations, youth center, ...)In the medium term, the objective of this collective home is multiple: while avoiding the increase of the homeless population in Brussels, it is a question of creating a replicable model of structural response to the lack of accommodation solutions for vulnerable populations. We are thinking mainly of homeless people, undocumented migrants and asylum seekers.


The general objectives of the project are as follows:

- To support access to care and rights, in a holistic approach of the person
- Develop the capacity to act and promote social and professional integration
- To allow a time of rest and reflection on their life project
- To initiate and experiment with new approaches to social work and emergency accommodation, relying on the people being hosted as the driving force behind the collective dynamics and self-management of the facilities, as well as on the Ukrainian community as a whole
- To encourage and facilitate exchanges between the actors involved in the management of this crisis (public authorities, associations, civil society), in order to improve the unconditional care of vulnerable people in Belgium
- To mark our action in a longer time frame, in order to draw a structural and realistic response to the problem of the reception of migrants and accommodation solutions for vulnerable populationsAs you can imagine, this is a project built in an emergency situation, where the setting up of the project continues in parallel to the publication of these offers. We are therefore looking for people willing to take part in this particular context, which implies participating in the elaboration of the project, and adapting to future developments.

The missionn collaboration with the other members of the team of the place (coordination, technical management, social logistics and community mediation, maintenance, reception, night watchman, ...), you will have as a mission to create the conditions favorable to a warm collective accommodation, as well as to the development of an organization of the place by the inhabitants themselves

You will have for mission :

Welcoming people and accompanying them in their installation and appropriation of the place (welcome, ROI, self-management system and sharing of daily life tasks, ..)
The development of practical solutions to the collective life of the place (organization and management of spaces, implementation of rules and collective processes, ...)
Facilitation of community life (setting up collective assemblies, instilling community, fostering group cohesion...)
Ensuring respect for the rules of community life and mutual respect between people (creating spaces for managing tensions, accompanying conflict mediation...)

To support people in their access to care and rights through information and orientation towards the network's partner structures (in close collaboration with the person in charge of coordination)
To be aware of the needs and initiatives of the community and to facilitate the implementation of favorable methods and dynamics at the individual and collective levels
Participate in the observation of the living environment and its collective dynamics in order to make the project evolve according to the needs and desires of the residents.

The following skills, qualities or experience will be useful for this position

  •  Previous relevant experience in a similar or equivalent position
  • General knowledge of Communa's various projects, objectives and philosophy
  • Experience and creativity in group facilitation (both in group activities and in logistics and community organization)
  • Basic knowledge of English
  • Knowledge of Ukrainian or Russian is a strong asset!
  • Ability to work in an environment that is characterized by both urgency and experimentation with innovative and alternative approaches to housing
  • Experience in the social and migration fields is a plus
  • Strong listening and empathy skills
  • Adaptability and responsiveness in unexpected situations
  • Mediation of conflicts and tensions
  • Team spirit and cooperation
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Organization, efficiency, autonomy and rigor in the implementation

The "mission framework" of the person who joins us could evolve according to the experience of the project. In view of the particular context of the implementation of this project, the missions of the team could be brought to adapt to the reality of the field and the identified stakes. We are looking for a person who is comfortable with a framework under construction, adaptive and attentive to the evolution of the project : )

The proposed framework

  • A fixed-term contract until December 31 (renewable depending on the continuation of project funding, geopolitical developments, the need for accommodation, ...)
  • Full time (including evening and weekend work)
  • A salary of 1900€ gross + meal vouchers
  • A stimulating work environment where everyone has their place, their say, and where initiative is strongly encouraged
  • An opportunity to evolve and develop in an organization with horizontal governance
  • A strong commitment to a sector with high social value and in full evolution
  • Workplace: Anderlecht and/or Schaerbeek (possible evolution on other communes of the Brussels Region according to the evolution of the project)

How to apply ?

1. Send your application by 31 August 2022 at the latest to  with the subject "Application - social logistics and community mediation".This application must contain your "CV" and a "letter of motivation". Any additional support is possible (written, video, audio, etc.). Tell us who you are, your experience and why this job motivates you!Whether it is negative or positive, we will send you an answer.

2. We will then invite some people to a meeting, which will take place in early September

3. We would like to start the job on September 8 (this can be adapted to the urgency of the project, but due to the timeframe of the project, quick availability is a plus for us)

- Please note that due to the rapid evolution of the project and its needs, the Communa crew reserves the right to recruit people before the closing date for applications (August 31). Also note that this offer was already published in July 2022.


- General Data Protection Regulations: By responding to this job offer, you mark your consent to your personal data communicated to be shared with the partner associations of the project (New Samu Social, Communa & the Citizen Platform), in order to create common recruitment procedures.

See you soon!