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Different trades to transform our cities into commons

Over the years, Communa has diversified its actions. The objective is to reinforce our impact and respond significantly to changes in our
urban context.

Occupy :

The central mission of the non-profit is to create and coordinate transitional sites. Communa takes care of rehabilitating and bringing buildings up to code. We participate in constituting and accompanying communities of occupants in the collective management of their temporary occupations. We also enable dialogues between the different stakeholders involved (owner, municipality, local associations, neighbors, etc.)
Occupying spaces is a way to show by example that other modes of living, thinking, and organizing the city are possible.

Dessin d'une maison au dessus d'une main
Dessin de personnes qui créent ensemble


Communa works to facilitate the establishment of transitional projects carried by other structures in other urban realities. Depending on the context, support can be provided for one, several, or all of the many stages involved in the implementation of transitional projects (technical, legal, or territorial audit, development of occupation scenarios, etc.). This component allows us to share the experience accumulated over the years and is aimed at both associations and public owners.
The objective is to impose transitory town planning as an urban planning tool in its own right and to promote participatory architecture, built on the basis of concrete experiences.

From empty warehouse to collective space (La Serre)

From empty warehouse to collective space (La Serre à Ixelles): We tell you more about it here.