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Join the ecosystem

Communa's ecosystem consists of sites hosting social, cultural, and social economy projects. In other words: projects that serve the city and its inhabitants. If these projects call to you or you are enthusiastic about participating in a temporary occupation, you can tell us about your project in the form below. But first, make sure you agree with the way the space works. 


Submit your project via the form below (fr) 

The objective is to collect the needs of projects in Brussels looking for a space. On the one hand, it allows us to contact you when a space becomes available in a currently occupied place. On the other hand, it helps us understand the needs (such as space, usage, location, etc.) and integrate them when searching for new buildings. 

We regularly collect the answers to this form. The spaces we currently occupy have limited capacity and have established communities. It takes time to open new places, so don't be surprised if we take some time to respond.  

In the meantime, visit us and participate in some of the ecosystem's events. Stay informed by going here (fr) or through our newsletter (fr)! 



Or contact a venue directly 

If there is a particular place that you would like to join with a project or event, don't hesitate to contact them directly to inquire about the possibilities. The contacts are on the sites page !

And regarding housing more specifically

When it comes to housing projects, we usually work with supportive housing structures. They take the lead in selecting the people and or the group constitution. Therefore, we cannot directly respond to individual requests.