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To go one step further, we get involved in other networks!

In Belgium, and internationally, Communa is part of a group of associations that, through networking, strengthen their practices, set up "common" projects, and develop political advocacy at different levels of power. We are convinced we must build bridges between diverse initiatives to succeed in our struggles.


Fair Ground Brussels

(Co-founders) Fair Ground Brussels is a land acquisition cooperative. Their mission is to create different types of affordable and sustainable housing, incorporating activity spaces (workshops, office work, and community facilities). The objective is to get any acquired land out of the speculative market while offering sustainable access to affordable sites. Based on the Community Land Trust model (the bifurcation of land and brick). The cooperative is co-sponsored by Communa, CLTB, L'ilot, Les petits riens, and a few other Brussels associations.

Hangar abandonné avec un sticket Saint-Vide superpositionné

La 20ème commune (The 20th municipality)

Saint-Vide-Leegbeek is the 20th commune of Brussels: it consists of the 6.5 million m2 of abandoned spaces in the city. Invented as part of a communication campaign that aimed to raise awareness among Brussels and its public authorities of the need to occupy these spaces to meet the social needs of the city. The initiative was carried by Communa, Toestand, Fébul, Logement 123 Woningen, BRAL, SAW-B.


Social Temporary Use Network is an international network that we co-founded. To strengthen the practice of temporary occupation projects and build a common strategy to ensure the social purpose of transitional urbanism. To date, the network includes Communa, Meanwhile Space, Alte Mu, Institut for (X), Free Riga and Yes We Camp.



(Co-founders) Bridging Inclusive Temporary Use is a program that creates tools to share experiences and knowledge around temporary occupation with a social purpose. During the year 2021, these tools will be made available to any project in line with the program's objectives, values, and operating methods. A partnership of four member organizations of the STUN network developed this initiative: Alte Mu, Institut for (X), Free Riga and us.

Un extrait du site du CRT

Conseil Régional de la Transition (The Regional Transition Council)

Le Conseil Régional de la Transition est un conseil citoyen que nous avons co-créé lors du confinement de 2020. Il a permis la formulation collective de revendications concrètes pour éviter un "retour à l’anormal" suite à la crise sanitaire. Au travers du CRT, il s’agissait d’organiser un relais direct entre société civile et mandataires politiques.

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La FéBUL (United Brussels Federation for Housing)

La FéBUL - United Brussels Federation for housing, is an association that communicates and successfully mobilizes the right to housing in BrusselsA key player in the development of temporary occupation as housingFéBUL has supported the development of Communa since its origins and continues to do so. We have been members of the federation since 2018.

Rencontre avec Entremise à Montréal


Erafriche is a program that provides for inter-association exchanges for workers from French-speaking, social, temporary occupation structures. The goal of these exchanges is to share efforts, facilitate mutual support between organizations, and learn from each other. Communa initiated this program with Entremise (Montreal) and Plateau Urbain (France).

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SAW-B is a social economy federation born in 1981. Its mission is to defend and launch the social economy as a credible and concrete alternative to globalized neoliberal capitalism. Communa is proud to be involved, as a member since 2019, in advocacy, conferences, workshops, and the sharing of good practices.