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Shared Office Spaces


Rue du Monténégro 144, Forest

850 m²


What is a shared office?

The shared offices are a part of the site at Maxima dedicated to office work. It is a shared space managed by its community of occupants. The community moved in in December 2020, following the work done by Communa. Today, there are about twenty of us occupying the space, taking care of it and developing our projects together.

Who's it for?

We are individuals or teams, collectives, cooperatives, non-profit organizations... Mostly social, cultural or solidarity projects. But the offices are also open to other profiles of people who work for the common good and want to work in a committed environment! 

Today, the offices hostFactum Lab, Déclic en PerspectivES, Orfeo, Comme Un Lundi, Bulle ASBL, Luuse, Wicked Pigeon, Com'on Home, and many others.

Desssin Contrib' monétaire

What monetary contribution?

At Maxima, like the other locations of Communa, we are looking to create an economic model that is consistent with our ideals.
The objective is that the offices be accessible to a maximum number of people and are financially balanced. There are many costs to cover: the work to bring the building up to code, the fittings, the organization of internal and neighborhood events, the setting up of an accommodation project for homeless women, the remuneration of Communa's collaborators who work on-site (some of whose time is still voluntary).

We work with the pay what you can model. While we don't fix a price, we set a minimum and ask participants to pay what they feel is fair.
There are two options to choose from:

"Mobile" office 
Each day you use any available space and clear out your things at the end of your workday. You can leave your stuff in the on-site storage.

Suggested minimum price ▻ 90€/month  
“Fixed" desk  
You fully take over a desk, it's your spot, and you can settle in as much as you like.
Minimum suggested price ▻ 110€/month (1 person) 
2 people ▻220€/month  
3 people ▻ 310€/month  
4 people ▻ 400€/month 
It is possible someone cannot put in this minimum amount due to their resources or situation. We count on the fact that others will put in more; out of solidarity, out of support for the project, because they can afford it or feel it is fair.


How does it work?

Collective ownership. Each member of the Office community has the same full access to the spaces, the same rights and responsibilities.  

Participation in co-management. Everyone participates in the management of the spaces, via a cleaning shift (1x per month), via roles and personal initiatives.

A monthly assembly.We meet once every 2 months, for 2 hours. It's a great time for discussing our internal organization or to make decisions about the daily office life.

In the offices, we share: 
- 2 meeting rooms  
- a lot of coffee  
- a kitchen  
- a printer  
- wifi 


Want to join us?

If you are looking for an office for yourself or your collective and all this resonates with you: write to and tell us who you are and the nature of your project. 

Salle de réunion

The shared offices are a part of the Maxima space in Forest. To better understand what this place is, read about it here!